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[audio]Harrison - dfh
Frances Harrison
Keywords: bias
Downloads: 81
[audio]harrison - dfh
Frances Harrison
Keywords: Bias
Downloads: 56
[audio]frances harrison - dfh
BBC blames US for Iranian plane crashes
Keywords: bias; BBC
Downloads: 98
[movies]Customer Bias
Conditions for a study on customer bias.
Keywords: customer; bias
Downloads: 31
[texts]Bias Soundsoap
Looking for Bias SoundSoap 2.0 prices? Shop for newer, similar products at the best prices Get the best price on Bias SoundSoap 2 when you shop at 8thstreet.com Free Shipping on most orders and professional sales assistance available BIAS have released SoundSoap Pro 2 - a major upgrade to their professional audio noise reduction and restoration software suite for Mac and Windows computing platforms...
Keywords: Bias Soundsoap
Downloads: 68
[audio]Faith Filled Relationships Pt.4
Removing the bias
Keywords: Jesus; Bias; God; Faithfilled
Downloads: 18
[texts]11. Humanities THE IMPACT OF BEHAVIORAL BIASES ON INVESTOR DECISIONS Zipporah Nyaboke Onsomu - Zipporah Nyaboke Onsomu
This research paper seeks to identify behavioral biases which affect individual investors at the Nairobi Securities Exchange. In addition, the relationship between gender and the behavioral biases was investigated. To conduct the study, questionnaires were issued to investors of Nairobi Securities Exchange, Kenya. A total of 58 investors responded of which 69% were men and 31% were women. Data collected for this study was analyzed using descriptive statistics and Pearson Chi-square test...
Keywords: Behavioral Finance; Availability Bias; Representativeness Bias; Confirmation Bias; Disposition Effect and Overconfidence Bias
Downloads: 2
[audio]Normal Bias - 1 - A Tribute To Tony D - Normal Bias
For the debut episode of the Normal Bias podcast, I pay tribute to hip-hop producer, MC, and DJ Tony D who died in a car accident five years ago. In addition to classic and unreleased tracks recorded by Tone and beats that go for miles, I welcome some of the many talented artists and people that worked with Tone over the years. YZ, BeFyne, Mr. Law, Shawn Lov, G from WPRB, and Dre spend almost two hours sharing their memories of Tony and paying tribute to the man...
Keywords: podcast; normal bias
Downloads: 116
[texts]Calculation of measurement uncertainty using prior information (Volume 103) - Phillips, SD
Journal of Research of the National Institute of Standards and Technology
Keywords: bias; Bayesian; error; uncertainty
Downloads: 113
[texts]Guidelines for expressing the uncertainty of measurement results containing uncorrected bias (Volume 102) - Phillips, SD
Journal of Research of the National Institute of Standards and Technology
Keywords: expanded uncertainty; bias; error
Downloads: 184
[audio]Schmitz Park Elementary School Gender, Bias, Aggression - Rosetta Eun Ryong Lee
90 Minute presentation delivered to Schmitz Park Elementary School first and second grade parents and teachers. Odd Girls Out. Queen Bees. Girl Bullying. When did we lose our sweet little girls? Examine the cross-section of socio-emotional development, gender bias, and adolescence in the emergence of the âMean Girlâ phenomenon. What can we do as parents, educators, and supporters to promote healthy relationship among girls?
Keywords: gender; bias; aggression; bullying; resource; parent; girls; gender bias; presentation
Downloads: 148
[audio]Confirmation Bias - trendmovements.com
Tahric talks about how confirmation biases can affect trading profit and beliefs in general
Keywords: confirmation bias; psychology; trading; bias; tahric finn; chad omar grant
Downloads: 6
[texts]It’s a man's world... - hemant pandey
Itâs a man's world...
Keywords: man; world; gender bias; poetry
Downloads: 32
[audio]sudaca2dejulio2011Fundación Farinello Quilmes - Correa
sudaca2dejulio2011Fundación Farinello Quilmes
Keywords: sudaca; quilmes; farinello; fundafar; bias
Downloads: 5
[texts]ERIC ED307507: Developing a More Inclusive Curriculum: Revising Courses in Psychotherapy. - ERIC
In many respects clinical psychology has been more sensitive than most to issues related to gender, but many glaring problems remain to be addressed. In the clinical realm of psychology it is especially important to frame more inclusive conceptualizations of adjustment. Ursinus College developed a college-wide program aimed at greater integration of gender in the college curriculum. In this program small groups of faculty from various departments committed to curricular change joined to create r...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Clinical Psychology; Curriculum; Curriculum Development; Curriculum Evaluation; Ethnic Bias; Higher Education; Psychotherapy; Racial Bias; Sex Bias; Social Bias
Downloads: 1
[audio]0316 Basstest
bass test, tape
Keywords: tape; reeltoreel; bias; distortion; bass
Downloads: 31
[movies]Birth of a Network (teaser)
This short video reveals what's wrong with TV news and outlines a bold new plan to build a global independent alternative. Featuring interviews with Phyllis Bennis, Salih Booker, Jeff Cohen, Laura Flanders, Linda Foley, Amy Goodman, Naomi Klein, Bob McChesney, Joanne St. Lewis, and Independent World Television Chair Paul Jay
Keywords: tv news independent media bias
Downloads: 1,013
[audio]The Restoration of America - Adrian Vance
Public employee unions are now using thug and Mafia style tactics to fight the actions of Wisconsin Governor Walker. Wisconsin major media have ignored this while doing everything they could to find racism in the Tea Party, but now are having to report what is really going on. Nonetheless, defeat of the recall Republican efforts on the part of unions is not assured such is the state of the public mind; one confused by biased media.
Keywords: Wisconsin; union thugs; media bias; recall elections
Downloads: 6
This is a promotional mixtape of ZED BIAS (Sick Trumpet UK) the infamous 2 step dj-producer who has also move into broken beats, house and techno. (Sep 2007) Zed Bias is available for DJ tours. Please contact nomsta@gmail.com for Asia bookings. (Sep 2007) --
Keywords: zed bias; gooodness; asia; house music
Downloads: 134
[texts]Fuzzy clustering Approach in segmentation of T1-T2 brain MRI
Segmentation is a difficult and challenging problem in the magnetic resonance images, and it considered as important in computer vision and artificial intelligence. Many researchers have applied various techniques however fuzzy c-means (FCM) based algorithms is more effective compared to other methods. In this paper, we present a novel FCM algorithm for weighted bias (also called intensity  in-homogeneities) estimation and segmentation of MRI...
Keywords: Bias field; MRI; FCM; Segmentation; Data analysis
Downloads: 75
[texts]A Million-Second Chandra View of Cassiopeia A - Hwang, Una
We introduce a million-second observation of the supernova remnant Cassiopeia A with the Chandra X-ray Observatory. The bipolar structure of the Si-rich ejecta (NE jet and SW counterpart) is clearly evident in the new images, and their chemical similarity is confirmed by their spectra. These are most likely due to jets of ejecta as opposed to cavities in the circumstellar medium, since we can reject simple models for the latter...
Downloads: 58
[texts]Don’t Insult Our Intelligence: - AP Communications
An Indigenist Examination of the Ron Paul Scandal and its Political Impact on the African Community in America
Keywords: fascism; racism; far-right; bias; discrimination; politics
Downloads: 163
[movies]Is the Wikipedia Neutral? - George Chriss
Joseph Reagle's presentation at Wikimania 2006 held August 4-6th, 2006 in Boston, MA. Additional information may be found at the following URL: http://wikimania2006.wikimedia.org/wiki/Proceedings:JR1 Released under the GNU General Free Documentation License v. 1.2 and Creative Commons v. 3.0 U.S. dual licenses. You may select the license of your choice. The opinions expressed in this session do not necessarily represent those of the Wikimedia Foundation or other participants...
Keywords: Wikimania; Wikipedia; Wikimedia; Neutrality; Media bias; POV
Downloads: 61
[audio]Radio Inteligentaindigena News Summary 03-25-2008 - Inteligentaindigena Novajoservo / Intelligent Aboriginal News Service
The Angryindian discusses the Rev. J. Wright, FOX News racism propaganda and the reason Barack Obama sticks close to his mentor.
Keywords: obama; barack; elections; racism; bias; angryindian; hannity
Downloads: 472
[texts]ERIC ED371657: Acts of Racism and Intolerance at Connecticut Colleges and Universities 1993. - ERIC
This report contains a summary of information submitted by public and independent colleges and universities in Connecticut concerning incidents of racism and intolerance that occurred on campuses during 1993. It reviews the number, type, and disposition of incidents that occurred and describes programs and activities undertaken to promote pluralism and to educate the campus community about appropriate and inappropriate behaviors...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Bias; Community Colleges; Cultural Awareness; Cultural Pluralism; Ethnic Bias; Higher Education; Homophobia; Multicultural Education; Private Colleges; Program Descriptions; Public Colleges; Racial Bias; Sex Bias
Downloads: 10
[texts]Experiential Avoidance and Attention to Emotional Stimuli
Experiential avoidance (EA) is a maladaptive coping strategy that involves avoiding unwanted internal experiences (i.e., thoughts, emotions, and physiological sensations). Although a high level of EA is associated with increased psychological distress and several forms of psychopathology, there is a lack of research on cognitive factors involved in EA. To examine whether individuals high in EA may be more sensitive to noticing negative emotional stimuli, participants with either high (n = 22) or...
Keywords: Experiential Avoidance; Attention Bias; Stroop Task
Downloads: 38
[audio]WCB 2014 March 30 - MayorsManor.com
WCB 03-30-14 WEST COAST BIAS on NHL Netowrk Radio
Keywords: NHL; hockey; radio; WCB; West Coast Bias
Downloads: 229
[texts]ERIC ED200688: Ideas, Creencias, Actitudes. Primer Modulo de una Serie para Maestros de Escuela Elemental (Ideas, Beliefs, Attitudes. First Module of a Series for Elementary Teachers). - ERIC
This guide for teachers, in English and Spanish, examines the role of stereotypes within the context of contemporary beliefs, ideas, and attitudes. A pre-test and post-test are included to measure the user's awareness of stereotypes. Object lessons cover the following topics: (1) definition of stereotypes; (2) racial and ethnic stereotypes; (3) prejudice; (4) racism; (5) discrimination; (6) socialization of sex roles; (7) sexual stereotypes; and (8) gender identification...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Bias; Black Stereotypes; Ethnic Bias; Ethnic Stereotypes; Learning Modules; Racial Bias; Role Perception; Sex Bias; Sex Role; Sex Stereotypes; Socialization; Stereotypes
[movies]Media Monopoly in New Brunwick - Professor Erin Steuter
Presentation about The Only Voice in Town: Inside the Media Monopoly of New Brunswick from the New Brunswick Social Forum 2008
Keywords: Irving; Media; bias; New Brunswick; monopoly
Downloads: 612
[texts]The language specialisation of the Google search engine
The most popular web search engine, Google, adapts its results and rankings according to the language setting of the client browser. This causes results to differ in ways intransparent to non-expert users, and leads to different views of the web being presented to different users. This study investigates this systematically. To that end, a novel method for comparing URL lists is developed, which separates differences in the URLs contained from differences in order and in rank...
Keywords: Google; web search engine; bias; language
Downloads: 1
[texts]ERIC ED307334: Equity in Testing after Golden Rule. - ERIC
The use of "bias elimination procedures" to reduce the racial bias of test items is discussed. These procedures were forwarded by G. R. Anrig (1988) and R. L. Linn and F. Drasgow (1987). Anrig stated that subjects who "know the same amount about a test item" should have a similar chance of answering it correctly "regardless of their race, sex, or ethnic background." Linn and Drasgow stated that an adequate approach to detecting item bias "requires a means of distinguishing between differences th...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Latent Trait Theory; Racial Bias; Test Bias; Test Construction; Test Items; Testing Problems
Downloads: 1
[texts]ERIC ED318792: High Interview Response Rates: Much Ado about Nothing? - ERIC
The question of how high a response rate is needed in order for telephone surveys to obtain data that accurately represent the entire sample, was investigated via reevaluating results of three previously published studies and reporting on three 1989 studies for the first time. The three previous studies indicated that, if the sample characteristics had been estimated on the basis of respondents rather than the entire sample, the conclusions would have deviated from the true sample by 4.8%, 2.1%,...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Interviews; Meta Analysis; Response Rates (Questionnaires); Sampling; Statistical Bias; Telephone Surveys; Test Bias
Downloads: 2
We talk about the business of video game reviews. How much of a game review is honest opinion, and how much of it is advertising? Do professional publications stand to profit from giving a game a positive review, even if it might be inflated? What influence do non-professional reviewing have on the industry? All music used belongs to their respective games/studios/composers/developers/etc.
Keywords: downloadable content; dlc; video games; reviews; bias; media; media bias; game reviews
Downloads: 139
[texts]ERIC ED329622: Multiculturalism in the Curriculum. - ERIC
This document contrasts the concept of multiculturalism as it appears in the proposed New York State curriculum guide, "A Curriculum of Inclusion," and as it appears in the California State history/social sciences curriculum. California uses the following approaches to reflect the multiracial, multicultural nature of American society: (1) expanding the study of world history to include the development of non-Western civilizations; (2) encouraging the use of the literature and art of diverse cult...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Cultural Pluralism; Curriculum Development; Curriculum Evaluation; Curriculum Problems; Elementary Secondary Education; Ethnic Bias; History Instruction; Multicultural Education; Racial Bias; Social Bias; Social Studies; State Curriculum Guides
Downloads: 2
[texts]ERIC ED318791: Reconsideration of the ANOVA Method of Detecting Item Bias. - ERIC
The validity of the analysis of variance (ANOVA) of a split plot factorial design was investigated using a complex interaction contrast with matched two-group ability data for detecting biased items. The definition of a biased item by this method is: an item is biased if there is an item-by-group interaction when there is no group difference in achievement levels. Data were drawn from a study by M...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Ability Identification; Analysis of Variance; Black Students; College Students; Higher Education; Item Bias; Racial Bias; Sample Size; Statistical Bias; Test Items; Validity; White Students
Downloads: 2
[texts]ERIC ED223647: Sex and Race Bias in the WAIS-R: A Content and Empirical Analysis. - ERIC
To examine the issue of item bias within the context of the revised Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale (WAIS-R), judgments as to perceived item bias were sought. Independent raters nominated 53 WAIS-R items as containing possible bias. White and non-white college students nominated items as racially or sexually biased. Whereas 10 items were judged as biased by the students, only one indicated differential performance by sex and six by race...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Adults; Blacks; Cultural Context; Culture Fair Tests; Higher Education; Intelligence Tests; Item Analysis; Racial Bias; Sex Bias; Test Bias; Test Construction; Test Items; Testing Problems; Whites
Downloads: 2
[texts]ERIC ED328166: Interpretation of Student Data: Contextual Variables and Cultural Implications. - ERIC
This paper explores the common elements identified as context variables that may effect student evaluation of instruction, and presents literature from sociology, anthropology, and linguistics that offers renewed challenges to researchers in this area of data interpretation. The common context variables that are seen as effecting student evaluation of instruction are as follows: (1) course variables, such as required/elective, day or evening, course level, lecture versus discussion, and others; ...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Context Effect; Data Interpretation; Ethnic Bias; Higher Education; Literature Reviews; Predictor Variables; Sex Bias; Social Bias; Student Attitudes; Teacher Effectiveness; Teacher Evaluation
Downloads: 2
[texts]ERIC ED359478: Gender and Cultural Diversity Bias in Developmental Textbooks. - ERIC
This paper reports the results of a content-analysis for the treatment of gender and diversity in the 11 top-selling lifespan developmental textbooks. The purposes were to measure the amount of information provided on aspects of development specific to Caucasian females and females of Color and to evaluate qualitatively the incorporation of the new research and theory on gender through experts' review of sections on gender role development...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Cultural Pluralism; Feminism; Higher Education; Individual Development; Majority Attitudes; Minority Groups; Psychology; Sex Bias; Sex Differences; Sex Discrimination; Social Bias; Textbook Bias
Downloads: 7
[texts]Folkscanomy Electronics Articles: How to Design Analog Circuits-Biasing Transistors
Folkscanomy Electronics Articles: How to Design Analog Circuits-Biasing Transistors
Keywords: circuit; voltage; collector; bias; leakage; stability; equal; transistor; collector current; leakage current; base current; bias circuit; stability factors; operating point; cambridge learning; voltage developed; proper bias; computer logic
Downloads: 149
[movies]Traveling and Growing with Peter (Video) - Rick Brown
Pastor Rick Brown gives a sermon on pushing past biases based on Acts 9:32-10:23.
Keywords: Acts; Apostles; Bible; Pastor Rick Brown; Paul; ministry; bias
Downloads: 110
[audio]Turn Off Fox TV - Robert C Reynolds
A song protesting the bias and irresponsibilty of the FOX News network.
Keywords: FOX News; bias; Glenn Beck; Bill O'Reilly
Downloads: 25
[audio]2010-04-02 (Good Friday) Condemned or No Condemnation - Ron L Clark, Faith Memorial Baptist Church, Overton, NS, Canada
This sermon on Mark 14:53-65 notes the wicked and unjust treatment of the Lord Jesus Christ by the religious leaders of the day and relates how unbelief is to treat Christ in a similar fashion.
Keywords: Judgment; The Judge; Unjust; Bias; Condemned; No Condemnation
Downloads: 1
[audio]Peremptory Challenge - Disqualifying Judges - Sacramento County Public Law Library
A party in a California case has one chance to disqualify a judge for any reason at all, known as a "peremptory challenge." Learn more about this option and how to do it in this podcast.
Keywords: peremptory; challenge; judge; judicial; California; disqualify; disqualification; bias; prejudice
Downloads: 51
[audio]Survivorship Bias - trendmovements.com
how survivorship bias can cause us to not appreciate our own success.
Keywords: survivorship bias; success; psychology; mental; tahric finn; chad grant
Downloads: 4
[audio]Caitlin Hendricks Fat Studies
Podcast project for Oregon State University PSY 499
Keywords: DJ Lil Sis Psych 499 Psychology Weight Bias
Downloads: 18
[texts]ERIC ED341336: Peer Review Confidentiality: Is It Still Possible? - ERIC
This pamphlet analyzes the clash between higher education institutions' concerns for preserving the confidentiality of peer faculty review and the need for relevant evidence when a disappointed faculty member suspects that a negative tenure decision is infected with illegal bias. Until recently many institutions decided whether to give tenure to a candidate using the judgments of disciplinary colleagues with many institutions insisting on preserving the confidentiality of the documents as critic...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Civil Rights; Civil Rights Legislation; College Faculty; Colleges; Confidential Records; Confidentiality; Court Litigation; Ethnic Bias; Faculty Promotion; Federal Courts; Higher Education; Legal Responsibility; Peer Evaluation; Racial Bias; Sex Bias; Social Bias; Teacher Evaluation; Tenure; Universities
Downloads: 2
[texts]ERIC ED249144: A Study of Selected Eighth Grade United States History Textbooks. 1982-83 Michigan Social Studies Textbook Study. Volume III. Selected Sections from the Complete Report. - ERIC
Designed for curriculum directors, teachers, and others as they conduct inservice education activities which focus on helping those who have primary responsibility for selecting and evaluating instructional materials, this volume presents selected sections from Volume I of the "1982-83 Michigan Social Studies Textbook Study." In this study, ten frequently used eighth-grade U. S. history textbooks were examined to determine the extent to which they reflected the pluralistic nature of the United S...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Bilingual Students; Check Lists; Cultural Pluralism; Disabilities; Ethnic Bias; Evaluation Criteria; Foreign Countries; Gifted; Global Approach; Grade 8; Junior High Schools; Racial Bias; Readability; Sex Bias; Social Studies; Textbook Bias; Textbook Content; Textbook Evaluation; United States History
[texts]ERIC ED249143: A Study of Selected Eighth Grade United States History Textbooks. 1982-83 Michigan Social Studies Textbook Study. Volume II. Individual Reviewers Criteria Checklists. - ERIC
Ten frequently used eighth grade U.S. history textbooks were examined to determine the extent to which they reflected the pluralistic nature of the United States, promoted the concept of global interdependence, and were educationally sound. This volume includes checklists completed by 16 individual reviewers. For each completed checklist, specific comments and corresponding page numbers are given, along with a summary of the review...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Bilingual Students; Check Lists; Cultural Pluralism; Disabilities; Ethnic Bias; Evaluation Criteria; Foreign Countries; Gifted; Global Approach; Grade 8; Junior High Schools; Racial Bias; Readability; Sex Bias; Social Studies; Textbook Bias; Textbook Content; Textbook Evaluation; United States History
[texts]ERIC ED249142: A Study of Selected Eighth Grade United States History Textbooks. 1982-83 Michigan Social Studies Textbook Study. Volume I. Overview, Summary of Findings, Appendices. - ERIC
This volume describes a study of 10 frequently used eighth grade U. S. history textbooks which were examined to determine the extent to which they reflected pluralism in the United States, promoted the concept of global interdependence, and were educationally sound. The ten texts examined were: "American History for Today" (Ginn), "America: Its People and Values" (Harcourt), "We the People: A History of the United States" (D.C...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Bilingual Students; Check Lists; Cultural Pluralism; Disabilities; Ethnic Bias; Evaluation Criteria; Foreign Countries; Gifted; Global Approach; Grade 8; Junior High Schools; Racial Bias; Readability; Sex Bias; Social Studies; Textbook Bias; Textbook Content; Textbook Evaluation; United States History
[texts]Brief Communication: Buoyancy-Induced Differences in Soot Morphology - Ku, Jerry C.
Reduction or elimination of buoyancy in flames affects the dominant mechanisms driving heat transfer, burning rates and flame shape. The absence of buoyancy produces longer residence times for soot formation, clustering and oxidation. In addition, soot pathlines are strongly affected in microgravity. We recently conducted the first experiments comparing soot morphology in normal and reduced-gravity laminar gas jet diffusion flames...
Downloads: 104
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